We think outside the box

We live outside the comfort zone

We choose to push the boundaries while we …

Keep it about Family …. Without family it is meaningless

Keep it Ethical … without it we lose sleep

Keep it sustainable … we value our future generations

Always Organic … as nature intended

Always  Allergen Free … Always Gluten, Casein and Lactose free

Lockyer Valley Popcorn Company’s motto is clear

“Keep it about Family, Remain Ethical, Always Organic, Always Allergen Free”.

A Family Owned Certified Organic Farm, LVPC has been held in the family for three generations with the fourth generation now growing with the business.

LVPC’s goal is to diversify and adapt to the changing times and maintain the family farm business for future generations, employing locals and doing its part in maintaining both Australian owned agriculture and contributing to the Australian economy through sustainable ethical practices.